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Brandon Hullinger

Holy Crap!

I just realized that my comic is at a number less than 1000 on the Top Webcomics List. This means I have actual readers. Yay! Maybe I should start making voting incentives.


Brandon Hullinger


I really hate applications. They're almost all I have been doing lately adn I've been finding it hard to find the time to update. Because of this, I am changing my update schedule to once a day, Mondays and Fridays.  I'm hoping ot get a buffer up so I don't have dry spells like this again.

Edit: make that Monday and Thursday. I have no idea why I said Friday.


Brandon Hullinger

Still Alive

To anyone who still reads these things, I am back, and I have a new computer. I will resume updating tomorrow, and then update twice a day Monday through Friday until I catch up to where I'm supposed to be. See you all soon.


Brandon Hullinger

My parents are not good with computers.

Sorry for the lack of everything. My computer stopped charging so my parents, thinking they could save a few bucks, took it apart and tried to repair it. Needless to say, I have been without a computer for the past few weeks. I finally got the time to go to the library and post this. Updates will resume as soon as I get a working computer.


Brandon Hullinger

Refrigerators are Heavy

I moved some furniture today, the bulk of which was large appliances. Taking those things up and down stairs was not fun at all, especially the refrigerators. Getting them around those tight corners and through those narrow hallways was a hassle as well. When I get my own place I'm making sure it has big hallways and doorways. I also hope IKEA starts selling refrigerators.